We’re Back!

We have just returned from a few days away camping with friends.  We went to Warburton, which isn’t too far from home, so that in itself made it worthwhile.  We camped in tents at the caravan park, right along side the river.  It is a dog friendly park, so Cardamon was able to join the fun.  It didn’t rain and our days were full of sunshine, blue skies and happy children.  We went on walks along the river and spent the evenings around the campfire.

Blue sky - a rare treat of late

Walking track along the Yarra River, Warburton, Victoria

Quiet spot along the Yarra River, Warburton, Victoria


All this fun caught up with one wee chap!

Of course there was rolling down grassy hills, basking in the beautiful sunshine and ice creams to end the holiday.

Grassy hills, means lots of fun rolling!

Ice cream and basking in the sun - This is living!


We have come home relaxed and rejuvenated.  It really was a lovely mini-break and we are looking forward to doing this again once the weather warms up again.

Daisy picking by the river

Hope your weekend was well spent too.  Jacinta x

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