Books to inspire the crafter within

So as we are getting closer to Christmas, the realisation that I have done very little, albiet, nothing for Christmas is a little daunting.  But of course there are always books that inspire the crafter within me.

Sew Soft Toys by Karin Neuschutz is one of them.  It has been translated into english.  The patterns are easy to follow and the toys are just gorgeous. Here is a link to the book.  I made Tenneille an elephant out of the book for her birthday last year using some funky fabric I picked up at an op shop.  Tenneille loves ‘Eli’ and they have been on many grand adventures together.  Scarlett has been patiently waiting for me to finish making a horse from this book.  I have cut it out, it just needs stitching!!

Tenneille's Eli on an adventure

I recently ordered Homemade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.  It is full of beautiful sewing projects for babies and mother’s to be.  I haven’t made anything from it yet, but the cute-as-a-button baby booties are on my ‘must sew’ list.  Along with the Quick change trousers for Jairah, oh and Henny Penny and her six chicks are pretty darn cute too.  I could go on, but I would be listing practically everything in the book!  Anna Maria’s fabrics are divine to too.  I purchased my copy through Fishpond.

Cute-as-button shoes

Quick change trousers

Henny Penny

Creative Play for your toddler by Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol is another favourite.  I have made the bunny out of this book quite a few times.  I am always impressed how a square of knitting transforms into the cutest of bunnies and all of them seem to have their own personalities.  Jairah’s has one floppy ear!  They make up very quickly and I have been know for making them the night before a birthday.
The fishing set is pretty sweet too.  I have actually cut out fish to make this, but they seem to have disappeared into my craft stash somewhere.  I am sure I will come across them when looking for something else!  The Parachute people and wind wand are also worth a look.
This book also goes into the importance of creative and imaginative play for toddlers through a Steiner/Waldorf perspective.  It really is a lovely book.  I can’t remember where I purchased this, may have been Amazon?

Jairah's Bunny

Fishing game

Parachute people

Disclaimer:  I am not getting any kickbacks for recommendations.  I just love to share books that I have enjoyed.

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