Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things yarn along this week.

I found this free pattern at Spotlight and thought it would be great for Scarlett for school.  Scarlett’s favourite colour at the moment is blue and I just love the colour of the yarn I chose for her.  It is a greenish blue colour.   However, the yarn is acrylic which has that cotton wool feel to it, which I don’t like.  (I purchased it in a rush and didn’t realise it wasn’t really soft).  So I am having second thoughts about using it.  I do have some lovely pure wool that is white, that I am thinking of colouring, which would be much nicer.  I just need to get my head around unraveling all the balls to dye them.  So technically, I haven’t gotten anything on my needles at the moment, but it is consuming headspace!

Reading-wise, I purchased the books pictured below, at a book shop that has gone into liquidation and they were selling books a very reasonable prices.  I couldn’t help myself and purchased 3. The are all lovely and I think I will be giving away the Happy Gloves book by Miyako Kanamori, in a future giveaway.  It’s really cute.  All the projects are made using a pair of gloves.
The Wrapped in Love book by Felicity Dawson, I have eyed off in the past, but couldn’t resist it this time.  The Fuzzy Felted Friends book by Saori Yamazaki is gorgeous and has heaps of cute projects.  Lets just say, I have more than enough inspiration to keep me busy, just need to find more time (don’t we all!!)

Jacinta x


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