What A Week

This week seems to have evaporated before my eyes.  It didn’t start well, so that doesn’t help.  Jairah decided to cut his forehead while my mum was looking after him for a couple of hours on Sunday.  I can home with medi-strips as requested by mum (I figured this wasn’t a good sign).  We put them on his wound and I wondered at my marvelous medical skills, until Jairah decided to pull them off.  As he so conveniently did this on a Sunday night, we decided that it would need to be seen to, so Greg and I headed off to the local hospital A&E department.  As soon as we walked in we knew we were in for a long wait.  I mean, haven’t people got better things to do with their Sunday nights other than being sick or needing wounds put back together?
After waiting for over 4  hours and well after midnight (I can’t complain too much as Jairah had the kid area to himself and Greg and I watched TV, a rare thing indeed), we were finally shown through to the doctor on duty, by this stage, Jairah had thankfully passed out from sheer exhaustion.  The doctor did a bit of a panic as she was trying to wake him, Greg and I were persuading her not to wake him as he had been awake for for a good 18 hours straight!  Of course she was paged twice and they couldn’t find the dermabond (aka skin glue), but finally the planets aligned and his wound was glued back together.  It looked better instantly.  The best part, he slept right through the procedure.  We were very glad to be out of there!

Jairah in hyperdrive, hence the blurry photo, might have something to do with the late hour!

The latest fashion!

He has been out of sorts up until today, so it has kind of overshadowed anything I have wanted to achieve.
Scarlett turned 8 on Monday and thankfully she only had one friend over for a birthday dinner (she has a sleepover party coming up in the holidays which is in lieu of her birthday).  I was really tired, having had multile late nights.  I had been madly trying to get Scarlett’s birthday quilt finished, but alas, I am still trying to do so.  I am up to the binding, so almost there!  She was pretty upset on her birthday when I told her her present wasn’t quite ready, but she felt better when I suggested that her birthday is going to last much longer with gifts still to come.

To top off the week, I have forgotten at least 2 birthday’s, my cousins and a friend’s son.  I have a friend who was upset with me because I didn’t mention I could attend something last week.  I feel a bit overwhelmed to say the least.  I think I am in need a of a tropical holiday.  Who wants to join me?  Jacinta x


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