Long Weekending

We were lucky to have a long weekend here in Victoria (labour day).  We decided to go and visit my dad who was home on his break from work.  He works interstate and comes home once a month.  It is a long enough drive (approximately 300km) but we were crafty and left late on Friday night.  The kids were very excited as we don’t get to go away very often.  We arrived at dad’s place at about 1am and put the kids to bed.  We weren’t far behind them.

My brother came down on Saturday which was lovely as we don’t get to see much of him.  We headed off to a place called Port Campbell to go to the beach and also to catch up with family who were camping there for the long weekend.  I remember Port Campbell as a sleepy port town when I was a kid, but it has changed so much in the last 30 years.  I suppose it is for the better, although the beach is much more crowded these days.  I recommend it as a place to visit, should you ever travel on the Great Ocean Road.  The girls had fun in the surf and we had a lovely time seeing family we don’t get to see much of.  I met my cousin’s newish (4 months old) little daughter which was lovely.  She is gorgeous.


Dad and Jairah

Sunday was spent fishing on the river the surrounds dad’s property.  Unfortunately we only caught an eel.  It got put back.  The kids had fun in dad’s boat and Scarlett has become quite the fisher woman and is very proficient at tying up the boat!

Salty kids!

Our own personal deckhand

All in all we had a lovely but all too short visit.  We headed home on Sunday.  We have spent today doing jobs around the house.  Not as fun, but at least it has been a beautiful day weather-wise.  I feel autumn creeping in more and more as the days are going by.  Even though the sun was shining, there was a cool undertone.  Ho, hum, at least around our area autumn is gorgeous.

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