A Felt Farm

While buying gifts for Tenneille for her birthday last week, I came across this gorgeous book, A Felt Farm by Rotraud Reinhard.

I picked it up, flicked through a couple of pages and announced it was mine!  I figured it was my birth-day gift to me.  The detail is amazing and so inspiring.  Scarlett has already flicked through it and listed what she wants me to make her for her birthday, practically the whole book it seems.

It has great step by step instructions and has cute little stories next to the pictures in the second half of the book.  Don’t you just love what can be done with a felting needle and wool.  The animal are so realistic.  The pigs and the pony are my favourites.

So come and drool with me over the pages, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

How cute are the pots and crockery, oh and the clothes on the line.

I love the pony and the lit up house

Do you want a scratch behind the ear little piggies?

I hope you feel inspired.  Let me know what your current favourite craft book is.  There are so many out there, I find personal recommendations the best way to find them.  Jacinta x

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