Toadstool Cushion Tutorial

A free pattern, just for you lovelies.  I am more than happy for you to use this pattern at your discretion.  However, I would appreciate if you publish this pattern in any shape or form, please link back to here. Thank you, Jacinta x

This is a great project where kids can join in the fun of crafting by helping you stuff the cushions.

Note: I used an overlocker to sew my cushions, so didn’t use a seem allowance as I sewed the edges directly.  If using a sewing machine add a 0.5cm seam allowance.  For extra security, use an overlocking stitch or zigzag stitch on edges remembering to leave a gap for stuffing.

Requirements to make up to 8 cushions:

110cm x 150cm wide red spotted polar fleece or fabric of choice
110cm 150cm wide plain red or white polar fleece or fabric of choice
1kg synthetic stuffing
Contrasting thread
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine or overlocker
Taylors chalk or fabric pencil/pen for tracing

Using a dinner plate or something round with an approximate diameter of 30cm (30.5cm if using sewing machine) trace eight circles on both the spotted fleece and plain fleece.  Cut out circles.  With right sides of circles facing, pin one piece of spotted fleece to one piece of plain fleece.

Spotted fabric and plain fabric pinned together right sides facing


Pin with right sides of fabric facing

Sew the edges leaving a small opening of about 3-4cm for stuffing.

Leave a gap for filling cushion


Turn cushion right side out.

Stuff to desired firmness.

Thread a needle with contrasting cotton and sew up opening.  You now have the cutest toadstool cushions for your sweet ones to enjoy!

Finished cushions

Embracingitall 2011 – Jacinta Gleeson Munn

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