We Have A Deck!

My very industrious other half has been busy the last couple of weekends getting our decking finished.  Thanks Greg!  We are very pleased with the end result.  We used spotted gum as the timber.  I can’t believe how much better the front of the house looks with the deck completed!  The alcove where we have built the deck was overgrown with a few large tree ferns and smaller ground ferns.

Overgrown alcove before the deck (Very bad lighting on my face!)

This is a picture from inside the house, before we moved in, looking out to the alcove (the venetian blinds were blocking the view, they have been removed since we moved in)

We have relocated the plants to other areas of the garden as they were too messy to be so close to the front door.

Tenneille is having her birthday party on Wednesday (her actual birthday isn’t until next weekend) and she requested that it be on the deck.  Now if only the weather can seal the deal, that is what we will do.  Please weather gods/goddesses, no rain on Wednesday!!  Anyway, here is a selection of photos of the deck, from construction to completion.

Our little helper

He is a very nosey birdie!

Better than t.v., our own home improvement show and Jairah has a front row seat!

Looking onto deck from front door

This is looking out the same window as the second photo from the top. Note, no venetian blind!

Looking from front verandah back towards the house

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