All You Need Is Love! – Giveaway now CLOSED

Well a belated Valentine’s Day to this side of the world.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you all who are currently still on the 14th of February.  I had high hopes of completing my little Valentines lovely yesterday, but I attended a Steiner/Waldorf doll making course which started last night.  I have had to forgo yoga this term, but I have wanted to make a doll for such a long time, I couldn’t put it off any longer.  It seems all the good things in life happen on the same day at the same time around here!  Hopefully I will have a doll to show you after the six week course!

So here tis’.  They can be drink coasters, a small banner whatever you want to make of them.  If you love it, leave a comment, the LOVE could be yours!  Only 1 set available.  Love is all you need! (Aww, thanks Beatles!!)  Comments will be open until Friday 18th February.
Jacinta x


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  • Christy


    And Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to you! It’s still officially 2/14 here, so we are still “celebrating.” By that I mean, we’ll be eating steaks and roasted parmesan potatoes shortly, with a bit of flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

    Hope your holiday was a love-filled one!

  • tamara

    Oh they are gorgeous, you are too clever!