Winter knitting 2010

In honour of the fact it has taken me 5 years, yes, 5 years to get to the point of actually getting this blog up and running, I thought I could do a bit of ‘back-blogging’, that is, stuff I have completed in the past.  What better place to start than with knitting.

Jairah is wearing a version of ‘Pebble Vest’.  I found the pattern via Ravelry, my version can be found here.  I have made numerous versions of it over the last couple of years, although this is my favourite so far…..

Tenneille is wearing a vest made from a free pattern sheet titled ‘Crazy Print Vest’.  I got the pattern sheet from Spotlight.  You can find the pattern here.  I couldn’t get the yarn the pattern called for, so substituted it for another.   Here is a link to my version.

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