Lovin’ This Space

I’m hoping to make this a regular feature on the blog.  Lovin’ This Space will document little spaces that I want to share with you.  Little snippets of loveliness.  This picture is from our ensuite.  I purchased the gorgeous orchid on the weekend.  I knew immediately when I saw the orchid, I had the perfect spot for it.  Now every time I pass by the door to the ensuite, I catch myself stopping and staring at it’s graceful beauty.

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  • http://billabongs2bling.blogspot.com/ Linda

    What a gorgeous bloom. No wonder you feel the need to stop and admire it. Certainly looks like an appealing space, and I look forward to seeing more of your ‘love this space’ posts. Great idea for blogging, and one perhaps we all should think about. Hope you are all high and dry, and enjoying what is left of the school holidays.

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Linda. Thankfully we are high in the hills, so as much rain as we have had, it flows down the hill from us. Certainly been very cool this week. Hope things are drying out for you? Have had to have the heater on. Holidays are slipping away too fast and doesn’t help I have been unwell for a month now. One of those persistant coughs that takes ages to go! I’m hoping to bring you more ‘Spaces’ too. I think I will try and encourage people to share links to their lovely spaces. Jacinta