Rainy Days = Lots of Yummy Food

It has rained here almost non stop the last three days, but that hasn’t stop the girls having fun out in the wet.  Lots of puddle jumping and splashing.

Jairah and I danced around the kitchen to Caro Emerald (her music is so much fun, you can’t help but shake your booty).  If you haven’t heard her music yet, check it out.  I have her album called, Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor (long-winded I know).

Twirling with Mama

We made hot cross happy buns.  We call them happy  buns as they haven’t got a cross (yes, I have a weird sense of humour).  The recipe is from my bread machine recipe book.  I prefer to make two large buns instead of smaller sized buns.  The only problem is they are so good, you can’t stop at one piece.  Of course we ate it straight out of the oven with melted butter.  Scarlett didn’t believe me when I said I could eat a whole bun (I really could) so I made a promise to leave some for tomorrow.  Although that didn’t stop Jairah helping himself to a large portion from the kitchen bench!  Can’t blame him really.

Hot Happy Buns

We have also made bread, chicken soup a banana pecan cake and lemon delicious.  Cooped up indoors does have some advantages!  I think my kitchen may be groaning from all the hard work it has been subjected to, but our tummy’s are very satisfied indeed!

Banana Pecan Cake - Recipe to come!

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