I’m a knittin’ me a hat, in Summer?

Well this week started out quite cool.  In fact we lit the fire twice.  Nothing like a fire to add to the ambiance of the festive season.  I decided to get my knitting out, because wood fires provoke that in me, and re-cast a hat that I had frogged a while back.  It isn’t a complicated pattern, it’s just I, in all my wisdom, took it (the first version) along to a craft night held with a group of friends.  That was a big mistake, as I got talking and stuffed up my knitting.  I am quite the multi tasker, but not when it comes to knitting.  Now I should know this, but every now and again, my ego gets the better of me and I feel the need to knit in company.  Perhaps, if I did make New Year resolutions, at the top of my list would be:
Don’t try and talk while knitting, or knit while talking, hmm, we’ll see how long it takes me to try that out again (probably not all that long).

Anyway, the hat.   It is called Sideways Grande Hat.  I am using Moda Vera Mousse yarn which is 70% wool, 30% soya.  It’s lovely and soft.  The colour I would describe as petrol or perhaps peacock blue. The pattern is from a book called  Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin.  I love this book (a gift from a dear friend) and can see myself knitting quite a few of the patterns.  I’m lovin’ the hat on the front cover (Side Slip Cloche).  It will be the next thing to cast on after I have finished the Sideways Grande.

Please feel free to link your latest knitting project.  I always love to see what other people are knitting.

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