Our Grand Plans, But First, A Shed!

The new shed Greg has been building is coming along nicely.  It will be great to store away some of our crap stuff.  Jairah enjoyed a little tea party at the building site.  He had a lovely time pouring imaginary tea and milk into all of his cups complete with great sound effects.  He is getting really good at imitating Greg hammering nails. Ladders are of special interest too!   I must say, Jairah is really into this reno’ caper, after all, he has the morning smoko all sorted for a start!

Keeping the builder happy

Now for our grand plans!  When we bought this place 18 months ago, the previous owners had done very little.  The garden was overgrown and nothing much had been done since the house was built, circa 1980’s.  The apricot sheer curtains were the first thing to go!  What a difference that made.  Thankfully the style of the house is actually quite contemporary and hasn’t dated too much, it just needs some tweaking.  We need to paint inside and out, update the bathrooms and kitchen (currently apricot in colour), re-seal slate, change door handles, a new entry door, build a deck, retaining walls, finish the laundry we have half renovated and general garden work. We have given ourselves till spring next year to complete our list.  We find it helps to have a timeline to work to, otherwise time slips away, yet the jobs still remain.  I am really quite excited and I’m looking forward to sharing our renovation journey with you.

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