Shortbread – Seriously, It’s the Best!

This is my mum’s recipe.  Thanks mum!  I think it makes the BEST shortbread.  It is very simple and you can make the dough and refrigerate it or freeze it for later.  The smell of it cooking is divine.  Warning- you can’t stop at just one piece!


290gm (10oz) Plain flour
200gm (7oz) butter, softened
120gm (4oz) icing sugar


Using a food processor or electric beaters, cream butter and icing sugar.  Add flour and blend until well combined.  Place shortbread dough in fridge for approximately 20mins to firm up a little.  Remove from fridge and roll into a log approximately 5cm in diameter.  Cut shortbread into rounds of approximately 0.5cm thick and place on lined baking tray.  Pierce with fork for decoration if desired.  Leave room between biscuits to allow for them to spread while baking.  Bake in slow oven for approximately 30mins or until light golden brown.  Remove from oven and place on cake rack to cool.

Will store well in airtight container.  To store the dough in the fridge, wrap well in plastic wrap and use as desired.  To store in the freezer wrap dough in cling wrap and foil.  Will store in freezer for a couple of months.  Just remove it well before use, so it will cut through without crumbling.

"What, we can't eat all the mixture?"

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