Touching Base

Well we made it to Boston! We have been here for almost 2 months now and are finally in our own rental. Our furniture took a full 2 months to arrive, so it was a smart move shipping it before we left Australia as it was held up in customs, not that we were privy as to why. If I can face reliving all the little details of moving over here, I will have to write a post dedicated to helping families moving from Australia to the USA, so many little things that would have been good to know, but alas, we had learn along the way.

The kids start school next week, I am so nervous for them. I’m sure they will be fine and making friends in no time. We are loving the community we have moved to. Everyone is so friendly. We were in Staples (a stationary shop) the other day and were puzzling over something on the school supply list, a lady overheard us and asked how she could help. Before I knew it she helped us then proceeded to give me her phone number plus the phone number of a friend of hers whose children are at the school our kids are going to! Anyway, I’m sure I will have lots of stories to come. Oh don’t get me started on the amount of scary driving we have witnessed here, I’ve only just gotten up the courage to start driving, So far being the Aussie driving on the opposite side of the road, I have managed not to scare anyone just yet. Hope it stays that way.

Jacinta x

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