Sweet Tenneille

Our dear Tenneille is turning 7 this week.  We started her birthday celebration a little early with a party over the weekend.  We were blessed with the presence of her dear little school friends.  It was quite a hot day in the 30’s, but that didn’t curb the children’s spirit.  We had them well scheduled with a treasure hunt, pass-the-parcel, pin the horn on the unicorn and a piñata, with yummy food in between to keep them going.

I made her a yummy dairy free/gluten free chocolate cake and used some lovely vegie based food colouring for the frosting which made the most gorgeous shade of blue.

I have spent the past week making her a party dress, foxes of course.  She was so excited to wear it (I’ll write another post about it later in the week).
sweettenneill2 sweettenneille sweettenneille5 sweettenneille4 sweettenneille3 sweettenneille6_edited-1It really was a lovely day and we are so glad Tenneille is surrounded by such lovely school friends.  Although I must admit my feet and I are rather happy tucked up in bed!  Hope your weekend was gorgeous too.  Jacinta x


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  • http://zaranne-handmade.blogspot.com.au Zara

    Great job with the cake. looks amazing.
    All lovely photos of the day.

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Zara, was certainly a lovely day with such sweet little treasures. Jacinta x

  • http://www.patchodirtfarm.blogspot.com Nadja

    Oh my gosh, the dress is wonderful! You did a fantastic job! I am quite envious of your seamstress skills!

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Nadja! Jacinta x

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.com karen

    did you make that cake? incredible!! love her sweet dress and tell her I wish her a very happy birthday!!!

    • Jacinta

      I did make the cake. I shall pass on your lovely message. Jacinta x

  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    Holy Cow! You went all out. I hope she had a phenomenal birthday…how could she not? Beautiful cake and sweet, sweet dress….well done!

    • Jacinta

      I. Can’t. Help. Myself 🙂 I love doing parties for the kids. Time is so fleeting while they are young. They grow up way too quickly. I had fun making the cake. Jacinta x