Lost My Christmas Mojo

I think my Christmas mojo up and left.  I am still feeling washed out from Jairah being sick last week and having the entire week written off.  Today was spent taking my car back to have the windscreen looked at as it was replaced the week before last and then started leaking.  They ended up replacing it again to day as there was a fault (not before they rang me while I was off waisting time waiting at the shops, to say they couldn’t initially find a problem!!), and of course it took longer than I thought, so yet another day is gone.  We have two whole days this week that are scheduled power outages, so not going to get much done this Tuesday or Thursday either.  Throw in a school Christmas concert on Thursday and a lunch at Greg’s work on Friday and my week is over.

I try to keep my blog rant free, but I feel I could scream at the moment with so much to do and seemingly no energy, time or power to get stuff done.  I think if given the chance I would crawl into bed and sleep for a week, but we all know that that is not an option.  I have all but given up on my list of crafting I had planned as it will only stress me more if I try to cling onto the hope of getting things finished.  However, I will endeavour to write Christmas cards tomorrow, as with no power, I’m sure to not have so many distractions.  Hmm, well see.

I hope your week is being kind to you.  Jacinta x

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