What a Week

As soon as I think I am good to craft or start a blog post, something seems to pop up.  No biggie, I just think I will get on top of things the next day, yeah right!  Jairah was unwell on and off all weekend, by Monday, he couldn’t keep anything down and hadn’t really eaten in three days nor could he keep water down.  I rang our local doctor’s and the only appointment was at 4.45pm.  He was so unwell all day,  I had to ring Greg to get the girls from school.  By the time the appointment came around, the doctor took one look at Jairah and insisted I take him straight down to the ER.

We got to the ER about 6pm, Jairah was still really sick, a lovely lady gave me the death stare while telling her kids to keep away from ‘that boy’, as I am trying to catch puke and wait to be called up to the Triage, all the time I was thinking there were probably about 20,000 other things her kids had already come into contact with in the ER!

The nurse told me we were high priority (I was so thankful for the doctor’s referral), so we only had to wait two hours on a crazy busy night.  People were queued nearly out the door!  They gave him anti-nausea meds, which thankfully seemed to help.

By the time we got into be seen, they knew he was a very unwell boy.  He was pretty non responsive and very limp.  He hadn’t talked all day and could hardly keep his eyes open.  Thankfully we had a fantastic doctor who decided that he needed to be put on a drip.  Meanwhile, Jairah thought all his Christmases had come at once as they were letting him have hydrating icy-poles.  He was very cute falling asleep while desperately trying to eat his icy-pole.

Jairah didn’t cry once while they put the drip in and they took blood too.  By about 3am they wanted to admit him, as he still needed to be monitored.  I think by the time we got to the children’s ward it was 4am.  I think I managed about 1.5 hours sleep!  Thankfully by about 7am he was starting to get a bit of colour back in his cheeks and asking for something to eat.  He managed to keep his breakfast down, so I figured that would be our ticket out of there.

The doctor checked him over and said we could go, so we were out of there before 11am.  I can’t speak highly enough of the staff we had look after our little boy.  It can be a bit hit and miss with the public system, but the sick gods must have been looking down upon us and we had the best of care.  I’m happy to say that Jairah is back to his usual mischief today and has made a full recovery.  I however am dragging my feet today.  I think the lack of sleep and stress and worry have caught up with me.  My legs are so stiff from sitting for hours.  I certainly feel like I  have run a marathon and it’s only Wednesday!

Hoping you are all keeping well!  Jacinta x

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