A Weekend of Gardening

Greg and I spent the weekend trying to regain our hold on our little piece of paradise.  Oh my the trees around here deposit enough debris to drive the best of gardeners to distraction.  As we live on a fairly steep block, just walking to the letterbox and back is a workout in itself.  Multiply that by 1000, and pushing a wheelbarrow full of debris, who needs a gym!  Greg manned the bonfire and did the work of twenty.  Between kid wrangling and raking the driveway, as well as removing that last of the agapanthus from the backyard, my legs are somewhat reluctant to function normally today.  On the up side, I can now look out and enjoy the view, well except for the back footpath that is currently piled knee high with all the stuff Greg swept off the roof.  The previous people who built the house, designed it with a flat roof.  Not really sure what they were thinking at the time, as it collects everything.  The only bonus is, that the roof is safe to walk on without the worry of falling off easily.

The lawn is all nice and trim again, although with a couple more warm days, that will not last!  Considering it takes Greg 3 hours to mow (4-5 if he has to whipper snip), I know he’d love to only have to mow once a year.

One of the many piles just from the driveway. Photo doesn’t do it justice! I love my Bog boots by the way, so comfy.

Of course being so busy, we forgot to take before and after photos, so we are probably the only ones who will notice a difference, but that’s good enough for me.

Just planning his next adventure.


Of course, the ride in the wheelbarrow at the end of the day is a must, well for those under 5″.

Hope you had a great weekend too?

Jacinta x

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