Butter, Enough Said!

It’s the simple things in life that give pleasure, butter being one of them, well for me anyway.  I used my thermomix to make it, following the recipe from the Everyday Thermomix Recipe Book, but regular hand held beaters or a food processor will create the same result.  Only use pure cream to make butter.  I used some beautiful organic cream and the flavour was amazing.  You can use the buttermilk in cooking too.  I used it in my pancake mixture.


approximately 600ml pure cream
salt to taste


Beat cream until the the solids and buttermilk separate, approximately 5 mins.  The solids, butter, will take on a distinctive yellow colour and the buttermilk is very watery.  Pour off the buttermilk and set aside for use in another recipe of your choice.  Add about 500ml ice cold water over the butter solids and mix for about 5 seconds, rinse.  Pour off this liquid and discard.  Add salt to taste and mix until combined.  Store in fridge.

How gorgeous is this shade of yellow! Pure sunshine.

Enjoy!  Jacinta x


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  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    I got in trouble for this statement one time, but I stand by it. Chocolate, wine and butter are proof that God loves us. Being that I live in the Bible Belt South of the US, some consider this blasphemous. Oh well. I still stand by it.

    • Jacinta

      Being an Australian, I will not take that as blasphemous! You made me giggle. Wine and chocolate are pretty awesome too! Jacinta x

  • http://the-random-thougths-in-my-head.blogspot.com Jennifer Miller

    I’d add Bacon to Melissa’s list. Look at the color of your butter. What a glorious yellow!

    • Jacinta

      Oh yes, bacon! Can’t forget that. Jacinta x

  • http://edegraw.me Erin @ Wild Whispers

    We make homemade butter every year for our thanksgiving holiday! YUM!