Holiday Time

The girls are currently on school holidays, so if it is a little quiet around these parts, you know we are off having fun.  All three kids had a sleepover at my mum’s on Monday.  It was my first child free 24 hours for 4 years.  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.  Of course I have been trying to fend off a sinus infection, so I spent most of my time resting.  I did a little bit of quilting on the picnic quilt, which I am now ready to quilt.  Fingers crossed I can finish it before the end of the holidays so we can put it to good use.

I had a lovely quiet car trip to pick up the children.  A whole 2 1/2 hours listening to music and of course I needed to break the trip with a stop at the Ballart Patchwork shop.  It’s well worth a visit.  There was so many beautiful fabrics, I had a hard time choosing.  Although, I see that as a good dilemma.

My fabric loot

The kids had a wonderful time at mum’s and helped with the goats and chickens.  They are already talking about the next visit and what they will do on their return.  I’m very impressed with Jairah, as it was his first night away from us.  They all love the outdoors and it makes me realise that our half acre block is not ideal, but property around our area is crazy expensive, especially if you want larger acreage.  Scarlett is always trying to talk us into getting her a horse.  Oh how I wish I could grant her that.  I was horse crazy growing up, so I totally understand her desire.

I believe this one is called Elvis!

Scarlett has a friend sleeping over tonight, so I think we are off to the tulip farm tomorrow before we miss the gorgeous display.  Jacinta x

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