Sacrificing Craft (Literally)

I’d been thinking about writing this post most of the day.  I was so exited that you would be getting a sneak peak of my next craft project.  A good part of an hour placing was spent arranging pieces of fabric that were to become a picnic quilt.  I managed to take a few in progress photos before heading out the door for the school run.  My hopes were high that on my return home, I could work on the final layout and take more photos for reference of fabric placement, before beginning on sewing.
Of course the evening had other ideas, which means the fabric was left lying unattended during the period of time dinner was being made and helping the girls with homework.  Can you guess where this is going?  Hmm, yes my dear sweet son thought I might like a modern take on fabric reconstruction and quite happily rearranged my quilt into a pile in the middle of the room.  Perhaps this is the new ‘modern’ quilting.  I should glue it on canvas and sell it as a form of artwork.  I’d definitely have a lot more completed craft projects to show you!  Suffice to say, the pile of fabric still lying on the floor.  I will face it tomorrow with fresh eyes and hopefully start again.  Perhaps my second design will be better than the first, that’s if the day doesn’t have other plans for my time.  Suffice to say, this was originally going to be titled “What Do You Sacrifice For Craft”, but alas “Sacrificing Craft” seems more appropriate.

Sneak peak ‘Before’

Another ‘before’ featuring the fabric I’m going to use for the backing and binding.

The ‘after’ sneak peak, artistic isn’t it.

Anyway, I’m interested, what do you sacrifice for your craft?  I’m hoping not your sanity. Jacinta x

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  • Melissa

    I can’t help it, I gasped and thought “OH NO” and then I giggled. I’m so sorry. I really am. I shouldn’t giggle. But having my boys “help” me over the years, I know exactly how frustrated you are. But the new quilt will be more beautiful than the last because of all the thought and time that’s gone into it….kind of like my knitting that got caught in the vacuum when my some tried to “help” clean. I can laugh about that…now.

    • Jacinta

      You may be my go-to for help with boys in the years to come! Certainly different raising a boy compared to two girls. Jacinta x

  • swanski

    Don’t you just love kids? I remember once my son walked all over the house dragging my knitting and unraveling it! I nearly sobbed. But I was able to pick up the stitches and knit again. I bet the next design is even better!!

    • Jacinta

      Oh dear, glad it was a salvageable project. Jacinta x

  • katherine

    such a creative little fellow lol.

    • Jacinta

      Isn’t he! Jacinta x

  • Stephanie

    That is a VERY good question! Maybe this reveals my kind of parenting style but I think I would have been a little grumpy at first about finding my precious pieces of fabric scattered across the floor. Of course it IS funny but now my creating has become my work I am anxious not to get anything dirty, etc.

    I think I would reverse your question by stating that I sacrifice my craft for my children.

    Lovely to visit for the first time.

    • Jacinta

      Thank you for visiting! Craft certainly comes at a cost. Jacinta x