Keepin’ It Real

– Keepin’ It Real captures the true essence of family life that I know is fleeting, keeping this mama grounded –

It’s been ‘one of those’ days.  I am in bed and it is only 7.30pm.  I’m wondering if there is some cosmic misalignment that I wasn’t aware of?  On my bedside table there is a bunch of freesias (my favourite flowers of all), some flourless chocolate cake and a hot cup of tea.  I will revive myself and have an early night.  Tomorrow is a new day and I want to face it with strength and vigor.  I’ve been battling with a chronic shoulder issue that is weighing me down somewhat and I know it is a sign to take it easy, but it is such a hard lesson to follow with spring in the air.  With that gorgeous spring air comes a half an acre of land that is about to burst into life (ok, weeds), but it will have to wait a little longer for me to tend it.  So for now, I will enjoy my cuppa while it is still hot and savour every mouthful of the decadent chocolate cake and perhaps peruse my Diggers Club catalogue that still taunts me in it’s yet-to-be opened packaging.  Oh yes, forget fashion catalogues darling, a garden catalogue wins me over every time!  Yes, I think I am ready to face tomorrow.

Much love to you, my dear readers.  Jacinta x

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