Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny from Small Things for yarn along.

I’ve been knitting Jairah’s Aksel vest this week.  It is knitting up really quickly, thanks to using magic loop.  I wrote a post earlier this week on how I feel so silly for not learning this method earlier.  I didn’t have the required yarn size the pattern called for, so I have used different sized needles and following the size 2 pattern instructions, I’m hoping for a size 4 outcome.  The pattern isn’t fantastically written .  There are a few typos and some of the instructions are a little vague.  May have to make a few etra notes on my Ravelry page once the vest is finished.

I’ve knitted a lot more since I took the picture this morning, but the sun sets now about 5.30pm, so I didn’t bother taking another picture, as the lighting will be wrong.

I’ve finally ordered some yarn (Ruby colour) for my next project, Tea Leaves cardigan, fingers crossed it will arrive before the weekend, as I want to make a start.

As for reading, I finished my kindle book, Growing Up Country: Memories of an Iowa Farm Girl, by Carol Bodensteiner.  It was a lovely read and I could relate to a lot of things she wrote about.  I can highly recommend it as a light, entertaining read.

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations.  Jacinta x

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  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    I still don’t know how to magic loop,but after seeing how fast you are knitting maybe I need to learn. It looks really great Jacinta.
    Have a lovely yarn along day [or is it night there? 🙂 ]

    • Jacinta

      You should try it Tracey. You are such a beautiful knitter and I know you would get the use out of ‘magic looping’. I had a lovely yarn along day, thank you. It seems to be daytime here too when Yarn Along is happening, but later in the day, and perhaps a day ahead? Jacinta x

  • http://justhavingayarn.blogspot.com Emma

    I don’t know how to ‘magic loop’ either! is it different to knitting in the round?
    The sweater looks great, lovely combination of colours.

    • Jacinta

      It is still knitting in the round, but you can knit any size item with a long enough cable. Saves having to buy different length cables to knit each project. Jacinta x

  • http://the-random-thoughts-in-my-head.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    Yeah, I don’t know magic loop either. Is it something I need to learn? The vest colors look great!

    • Jacinta

      I think you would love it. Definitely worth learning. Jacinta x

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.blogspot.com swanski

    Great colors and I like the striping pattern. He is going to look so handsome in it 🙂

    • Jacinta

      Thank you. Jacinta x

  • http://momentsofpeacemama.blogspot.com Kate

    I love the stripes! I agree with Karen, very handsome 🙂

    • Jacinta

      I love stripes, but don’t do them often, as they can be a little fiddly. But happy with the results so far. Jacinta x

  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    That is moving along beautifully! He will look so nice in it!

  • http://www.homebakedonline.com Hannah@HomeBaked

    The vest is lovely!
    I’m toying over the idea of a tealeaves, too, but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit, yet.
    I’m going to go and take a look at your magic loop post as I’ve been procrastinating over learning the technique for years.

    • Jacinta

      I hope you get to knit yourself a TL cardi. Give magic loop a try, it will be worth your while. Jacinta x

  • http://scrapsofstarlight.blogspot.com a soulful life

    I have heard so much about this “magic loop” I’m seriously going to have to give it a try 🙂
    I love the stripy pattern!

    • Jacinta

      Do try it. It certainly is fun once you get the hang of it. Jacinta x

  • http://www.peachcoglo.typepad.com Angela

    Hmm magic loop. It looks like I need to get over another one of my knitting fears and try it. Your vest looks terrific!

    • Jacinta

      Here, here to knitting fears! I understand where you are coming from. That is why I put off learning it for so long. So glad I did though. I will be ‘magic looping’ where ever possible now. How good would it be if we could all get together and teach each other in person. Jacinta x

  • katherine

    More great knitting. Good knitting weather tomorrow apparently. Day so will be hiding inside with the heater, furbubs and my knitting lol

  • http://Edegraw.me Erin @ Wild Whispers

    I love your vest, Jacinta! Great colours!