Magic Loop

Have you ever tried the magic loop method for knitting?  I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.  For some reason I was scared of trying out this method for knitting in the round, but I am so glad I got my knitty together and with the help of a youtube session I was on my way.  Now I’ve given it a go, it seems almost too easy!  Silly me.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have put things in the too hard basket, only to find that once I’ve put my hand to whatever I’ve been avoiding, it has worked out to not be such a biggie.  Seriously, it is one of my life lessons.

My current knitting project is Askel.  It’s a cute hooded vest that will (hopefully) be for Jairah.  I didn’t have 5ply yarn in my stash, so I’m using 8ply.  I cast on with 3.75mm needles for the waistband then 4mm for the body and using the dimensions for size 2, I’m hoping for a size 4(ish) outcome.  It is knitting up really quickly and I attribute that to the magic loop method.  I’ve just finished the bands of colour in the the body of the vest, but it is too late to take a decent photo.  I will share more pictures on Wednesday for Yarn Along.  Till then, happy knitting.

Jacinta x



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  • Melissa

    I learned magic loop first. For some reason, it didn’t intimidate me as much as dpn’s. I personally think it’s quicker, but that’s just me. Congrats on your new skill!

  • katherine

    Now I thought that magic loop thingy would be something new and exciting to try. Whoops silly me it is just the same old process for us oldies who have been knitting for too many years. Do I show my age now lol. I’m not that old really. Mind you she did have some great points for knitting smaller items on those needles instead of using DPN’s. Wonder if I would be able to do socks like that instead of four needles that tend to poke the doogie every now and again. Tess enjoys lying across my lap when knitting lol.

    • Jacinta

      It has certainly been around for a while, I’ve just avoided it up till now. You can knit socks with it I’m sure. I know of people who knit gloves using this method. Jacinta x