What a wonderful few days I have had.  My birthday was on Saturday, but we started celebrating the night before with Greg and I going out to dinner to a favourite restaurant.  It was such a treat to go out, just the two of us, to sit and chat and enjoy food I didn’t have to prepare.  Now it wasn’t just any meal either,  I’m talking, eyes-rolling-into-back-of-your-head kind.  Now my mouth is watering, just thinking about it.  If you are ever in the Dandenong Ranges, I can highly recommend Coonara Springs Restaurant.

Coonara Springs Restaurant

Saturday lunch was spent with some of my gorgeous friends at a local cafe.  We throughly enjoyed our time with much talk and a lot of laughter.  I think we need to get together more often.  After lunch we wondered to a near by yarn shop (what a coincidence) and I found the perfect button for my newly finished cowl (pics to come).  None of us were in a hurry to return to reality, so we all went back to my place for another cuppa and more talk (about knitting of course).  Many thanks to Greg, who had 5 kids in his care for the duration of our extended lunch.

My birthday bounty

Scarlett and Tenneille spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon decorating the birthday cake.  They were even fighting over the privilege at one stage, and then, of course, there were tears, ho hum.  I’m sure we could be part of a reality tv program at times!  But after all that, Scarlett has declared she wants the same cake for her birthday next year.  So it couldn’t be all bad.

The girls mater piece!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so my family got to spread the love a little longer.  I enjoyed breakfast in bed and the girls made me special cards.  My day was mostly spent knitting, so what more could I have asked for.  Well ok, I’m thinking of getting Knit Pick interchangeable needles and some yarn to make Tea Leaves cardigan.  I bought the pattern for Tea Leaves 3 years ago, so I think it’s time I actually cast it on!  I’m thinking I might knit it in charcoal or maybe red.  Decisions, decisions.

Today I am feeling very blessed to have such wonderful friends and my sweet little family to make celebrating another year so very special.  If you were celebrating Mother’s Day this past weekend, I hope you felt the love and honour, because you are so worth it you gorgeous women.  Jacinta xx


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  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    Happiest of birthday’s! Your cake looks wonderful.
    I have been wanting to cast on a Tea Leaves too and have it
    on my list. Red would look so lovely on you!
    Once I finish my cardigan I am casting on Annabel,
    Now I just need some cold weather!

  • http://www.patchodirtfarm.blogspot.com Nadja

    Belated best wishes on your birthday, Jacinta! I have the Knit Picks interchangeables and they are wonderful! I know that WEBS (yarn.com) has a set, too, for near the same price, but I don’t know how they compare quality-wise. What I like about the latter is that each needle size is a different color. Makes it a bit easier, but I am going to use a metal engraver to put the sizes on the metal parts of the needles myself.

    I love Tea Leaves, and I love the way the Tiny Tea Leaves I knit Gemma came out. I am knitting a February Lady Sweater for myself right now, but the next one I do for myself will be a Tea Leaves.