A Little Ray Of Sunshine

We were blessed with eight beautiful days in sunny Queensland this past week.  It was a much needed break from our everyday life.  Each day was filled with many adventures and swimming too.  As it is daylight much earlier in Queensland, I was up every morning at 5.30am with the kids.  It’s so much easier to get up when greeted with beautiful sunrises over the ocean and a warm breeze blowing.  Moonrise was just as spectacular.  Our apartment was directly across from the beach and on the first floor, so we had an ideal position to watch the world go by.  I caught myself on numerous occasions lifting my face towards the sun, soaking in the warmth, knowing we are soon to be in Winter’s grips.

Just one of the beautiful sunrises

How gorgeous are Easter moons

By day

By night

We visited a couple of theme parks, Dreamworld and Seaworld.  Scarlett is at the age now where she is keen on trying most of the rides.  In fact, so much so, she went on quite a few rides more than once.  Tenneille got more confident as the day went on and tried some thrill rides too.  Jairah, well he is up for anything!  Especially if it involves water, boats or planes.  But the highlights, the animals!

The Kangaroos at Dreamworld are quiet enough to pat

Ah, the life of a koala!

We were lucky enough to see baby tigers.

We had the privilege of  meeting a friend who I originally ‘met’ via a craft forum in person.  She was just gorgeous as I had imagined and we had a delightful morning tea at her lovely property.  It was such a good time, I forgot to take pictures.

Of course the holiday wouldn’t have been complete without children fighting, meltdowns and the fun behaviour that tired children so wonderfully display.  Alas, we survived and made it home.  In fact, the flight back couldn’t have been better.  We sat the girls in the row in front of us and Jairah was seated between Greg and I.  We were surrounded by families with young children and the girls managed to make friends with a couple of children in front of them.  Was really sweet watching the girls interact with the other children and made the flight home rather fun.

I think the post holiday blues have settled in for me today.  I know I will get over myself soon enough, but I also know it’s a sign that our time away was really special and will certainly give me something to reflect on as the grey winter weather sets in.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

If only you could smell this

Taken near Eaton's Hill in Brisbane

Jacinta x


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