A Simple Dress

The dress Tenneille wore to dad’s wedding last week, I started over a year ago.  It’s made from a retro cot sheet I thrifted a couple of years ago and an old pillow cover that I no longer used.  When I originally made it, it was a little too big, kind of a given, seems I didn’t use a pattern.  I also needed to add buttons at the back and button holes, but my old sewing machine wasn’t able to do holes as it was faulty.  But alas, my new machine does.  So on the day of the wedding (of course!) I whipped out the dress from it’s year long hiatus, sewed the button holes, buttons and made a couple of adjustments to the shoulder straps to complete the dress.  Tenneille was most excited that I finally finished the dress.  I am excited that it is now off my ‘to sew list’!  I also made some hair clips to match with some leftover buttons, but alas I forgot to take a picture and knowing my little cherub, the clips could be anywhere now.



The picture was originally the top of a cot sheet

What have you been sewing/crafting of late?  Jacinta x

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