Bella Vedere

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to escape with a group of lovely women to a birthday brunch for a friend.  We went to a lovely venue called Bella Vedere in the Yarra Valley. Pulling into the driveway, we could have easily mistaken the building for something I’d expect to find in Tuscany (does it count if I haven’t actually been to Tuscany?).  The food was gorgeous, their desserts, heavenly.  No photos of the meals of course, as we were all too busy eating and talking!  It was refreshing to have good table service too.

After the meal we had to have a wonder around the cottage garden which we had been admiring during our meal.  The garden was beautiful.  The air was filled with the scent of sweetpeas.  In every corner of the garden, there was yet another beautiful scene to take in and admire.  Of course, the whole place is surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside and there are vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Bella Vedere is well worth visiting, should you find yourself in the Yarra Valley. We certainly enjoyed ourselves (Nothing like a group of women who rarely get out without partners or children, to make the most of their situation!).  I know I will be going back. Although next time I will make it a family outing and take Greg and the kids.  I might have an excuse to use the butterfly nets they supply then.

If only you could smell these sweetpeas!

A gorgeous artichoke in flower

Ok, so now I want a curved arbour.

A view out to a neighbouring vineyard

I hope you got to do something special on the weekend too.  Jacinta x

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