Our Weekend (and a sneak peek of our kitchen floors!)

What a busy weekend.  The kids and I escaped to Ballarat so Greg could get to work on putting the flooring down in the kitchen.
The weather on Saturday was glorious and we decided to head to Daylesford.  I had intended to do some Christmas shopping at a store I have been dying to visit.  I went in to the store all excited (like a kid-in-a-lolly-shop excited), only to find I couldn’t get anything on my list!  I was so disappointed.  I do believe I walked out with a pout on my face as did the woman who walked out behind me. She too had made a special trip to the shop, only to find she couldn’t get what she wanted either (I know, boo-hoo!).
The kids meanwhile, went to an op/thrift shop with my mum and all came out happy with their new found treasures.  Made me realise that I don’t need to purchase those more expensive items I couldn’t get and that I may as well shop for their Christmas presents at the op shop.  They would be just as happy.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch in a beautiful park.  Right next to the picnic table was a lovely gently sloping hill, which called to Tenneille to roll down it grassy banks.


We found a lovely pond by chance on Sunday, where the girls played for nearly an hour while I watched dragonflies dance across the pond’s surface.  Of course the dragonflies wouldn’t stay still long enough to capture.

We wondered a bit further and happend across some beautiful roses.  They were so heady in scent, I think I nearly passed out from their beautiful fragrance.  I love roses and I’m sure you would spot me a mile away as the woman who stops a every bloom and breaths in their beauty.

A spot of plumbing took place in the afternoon (I was the one who broke the bathroom tap, whoops!).  Thank goodness my mum is handy and she had an apprentice at hand.

We were meant to go home Sunday afternoon, but Greg needed a bit more time to finish the floor, so we came home Monday instead. I am happy to say the floor has come up beautifully.  The kitchen is so close to being finished.  Just need to get the kick boards put on, the drawers (that finally showed up last week) need to be installed and the splash back needs to be put up (still deciding on the colour).

I must say, I have had to really embrace this journey, as it has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated and tested my ability to ’embrace it all’ so to speak!  I have had to do a lot of deep breathing, to the point if you have felt light-headed over these last few weeks, it’s because I have used more than my fair share of oxygen.

So for now, my dear, patient readers, here is a little sneak peek of the floor.  Of course we are tossing up whether to pull up those couple of lighter boards and redistribute them amongst the darker boards.  Hmm, will sit with it a few days before we commit.

Jacinta x


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  • http://pumpkinsunrise.blogspot.com swanski

    Floors look great! I did not notice the light ones until you mentioned them.

  • Elaine

    It’s beautiful! I know you’re excited about the whole kitchen…even if it is taking more time than you had anticipated. Unfortunately, most projects as large as this do. The results will be worth it, though, when you get to use it all; and, like childbirth, after a while you won’t remember the pain of the process.

  • http://edegraw.me Erin @ Wild Whispers

    It’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to have a home of my own to be able to do this kind of thing to. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    Jacinta, your floors are just beautiful! It is so much work to put floors down [my son inlaw is a flooring guy] and I think they look fine. I know you must be beyound excited!

  • http://www.zachaboard.blogspot.com cindy

    Wow that floor looks gorgeous! I have floor envy, the floors on our boat are positively horrid. And warm congratulations on your one year blogiversary! 🙂

  • http://wanderwonderdiscover.com MJ

    Squeeel!!! those floors are beautiful!! I have floor envy now :). Great photos too btw!

  • http://zaranne-handmade.blogspot.com/ Zara

    Oh the floor looks great. Timber floors are the best. x

  • http://www.catfurtomakekittenbritches.com Christy @ cat fur to make kitten britches

    I know I’m so behind on my blog reading, but I was so delighted for you when I just now saw this post…..GORGEOUS! Oh, I have kitchen envy, Jacinta! And as someone else mentioned, I didn’t even notice the lighter boards until I read your comment about them. If they are bothering you, I say, throw an area rug or two down and you are good to go! Really, it looks so lovely.