Checking In

It seems this week has been rather full.  After all the kitchen fun, it is still not finished.  So close though.  I will post pictures once it is finished.  We had a rather full weekend last week.  With eight people to cater for in a house with no kitchen, awful weather and to top it off, very good friends of ours lost a dear family member.  We had the funeral to attend this week and I haven’t felt much up to blogging.  To top off this week, on the way to the funeral, we were almost run off the freeway by a truck driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel!  I am still having flashbacks.  Gave us quite a fright.

Our in-laws returned to New Zealand and it is always sad seeing them off, as we are never quite sure when we will see them next.  We loved having them here, but feel we sent them home very weary after all the hard work they did for us.  Anyway, things might be a bit quiet around here while we try to reclaim a bit of normal.  I hope all is well with you, my dear readers.  I hope to catch up on all that you have been up to, once I get this kitchen sorted.  Jacinta x

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