An Afternoon at St Erth

We ventured to St Erth in Blackwood the other day to pick up the girls from my mum who had the girls in Ballarat for a sleepover.  It was a perfect spring day with gorgeous blue skies and the sun offered a little warmth, when not in the shade.  We had a lovely picnic amongst the gumtrees and the daffodils.
After the picnic, the girls and I had a fun time in the shop picking out seeds for our veggie patch.  They stock mostly heirloom varieties and organic where possible, which makes for a fun selection.

The daffodils were blooming en masse

I stood back at one stage and commented to Greg that Scarlett and Tenneille were so excited about choosing which seeds they wanted, it was comparable to the excitement of choosing lollies in a lolly shop!  I only wish I had taken video of it.  They got to pick a couple of seed packs each which they will get to plant themselves and, well I chose, LOTS!  When Tenneille took her seeds up to the counter to be paid for, she commented to the lady serving us, “I’m going to raise the seeds as my own child”.  It was so funny.  The things she comes out with!

After our seed buying frenzy, the girls and I wondered around the beautiful gardens. Scarlett spent most of the time giving Tenneille pony rides and they had fun checking out where all the garden paths lead.

St Erth

Looking out the front door of St Erth

Just one of the views from the many garden paths

I’m hoping we have a wonderful bounty to show you once summer and autumn arrive.  I just need to have words with those rascally snails that seem to think anything I plant is food just for them!

The bounty!

So if you ever find yourself in Blackwood, make sure you check out St Erth.  St Erth is part of The Digger’s Club and I can promise you if you love gardening, you won’t be able to leave empty handed.

Blossoms on one of the espalier fruit trees

Jacinta x

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