So It Seems…

..another day has passed and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a blog post, meaningful or not!  It has been a rather crazy few days.  We are preparing to get our kitchen renovation underway and of course lots of fiddly things are involved in that, yet I am so excited that my ‘kak’ coloured kitchen will be no longer in about 4 weeks.

We are literally tripping over stuff stored around the house.  Therefore, I have been listing stuff on ebay in a kind of selling frenzy.  There are a few people out there that have bought absolute bargains.  The hardest part is getting them to come quick enough to get the stuff out of the house.  I have a love/hate relationship with ebay to be honest.  Some people you deal with are great, others, well let’s just say, um, nothing about them.

On a lovely note, I looked after a good friend of mine’s children overnight and this morning myself and all 5 children headed off to the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda for a frolic amongst the spring blossoms.  It was a beautiful morning and I rather enjoyed playing mother duck attending all her charges.  The kids were very sweet and literally stopped to smell all the blossoms.
It really is a beautiful time of year here.  We are very lucky to live near such beautiful gardens.  If you ever get up to the Dandenong Ranges, you must visit the Rhododendron gardens, I know you will love it.  Blogged here also.  It’s best to bring kids, because they will make you stop and look at everything and you know that is what life is about, slowing down and taking it all in.  Yes, kids really do know the secret to happiness and I am so glad I got to spend the day with all 5 of them.

The view from down the back of the gardens looking across the valley

This Daphne was so divine! One of my favourite flower fragrances.

There is a avenue of Ornamental Cherry Trees which are just beautiful. Although I think they would have been even more amazing last week.

Of course, the wildlife was more than happy to pose!

And yet, another native happy for us to take her photo!

On another good note, I just recently realised that I have over 200 blog posts and I think I sense a giveaway coming on.  If I get around to it, I will host a giveaway tomorrow.   Stay tuned!  Love y’all, Jacinta x

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  • swanski

    Oh your spring photos are so nice! We are winding down from summer and it is raining like crazy. Fall is in the air and I do not mind one bit.

  • Teresa

    So lovely! You’re heading into spring as we head into fall…

  • angie

    Oh the flowers are simply gorgeous! I too have been quite busy lately and not having as much time at the computer…I’ll get into a new fall rhythm soon I hope. Thanks for noticing the buttons on Molly’s sweater, she and I made them!

  • Tracey

    I so want to visit your country! I love all the picture and spring looks so nice there.
    Hooray for cleaning out and I do hope we see pictures of all the remodeling when it’s complete! xx

  • Bec

    Nice pics Cint. How are the renos going? Hopefully we should start ours this week.send some photos of how you are going. When you can