Keepin’ It Real

– Keepin’ It Real captures the true essence of family life that I know are fleeting, keeping this mama grounded –

For most of her life, Scarlett took to running to the far reaches of the house whenever the vacuum made an appearance.  She hated the noise.  She was always very sensitive to loud noises (although she could make noise with the best of them).  Though it seems the tides have changed.  At eight, she now asks to vacuum.

No photo of Scarlett is complete without trying to pull a face!

She happily vacuumed the carpet in her room the other day before Greg pulled up the carpet to make way for floating floorboards (you can see a sneak peak in the second photo).  The funniest part was Greg had to ask her to stop, she was a girl on a mission.  I think all up, she vacuumed for a good 15 minutes.  I hope she always finds joy in vacuuming.  Do your kids have a household chore that they love?  Jacinta x

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