Keepin’ It Real

We had one of the painters back yesterday finishing off the last of the painting we had done last week.  I had the kids corralled down one end of the house away from the wet paint.  Enter some morning playtime shenanigans and the result was a broken window!

I called a local glass repairer and thankfully he was able to come within the hour.  In fact, he arrived just after the painter had left.  It was kind of like tradie tag.  I wonder who I could have called next?  Suffice to say I think my faith has been restored in local tradesmen and the other bonus is the glass is safer than what was previously there.  He was quick and efficient too.  The paint job looks good too by the way (photos to come once the rooms are back in order).

Considering all the fun play my kids have indoors and the fact a lot of our windows are floor level, this is our first broken window.  I like the idea of having safer glass, but perhaps avoiding breakages all together is more budget friendly (kids are you listening?).

Now for the rain and wind to die down so I can send my kiddos outdoors to play.  I’m hoping your week has been filled with shenanigans of the gentler kind.  Jacinta x

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